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Private Schools in Toronto – The Benefits of a Canadian Education

Are you looking for a place in North America to move your family, or for an ideal private school for your son or daughter’s education? Canada offers international students some of the finest educational opportunities available.

According to the ​ Canadian Bureau for International Education​, (CBIE) our reputation for delivering quality education is a primary reason for enrolling in our

  • Primary and secondary public schools
  • Private schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities

Quality Education and Popular Programs

Canada’s education curriculum quality is a primary influencer to the nearly 336 thousand international students who study here. Over the past eight years, the international student population in Canada has grown by over ​eighty­two percent. About 111­thousand Chinese students are currently enrolled in Canadian schools. Nearly half of those students attend university.

Some of the programs which have generated the most demand include:

  • Business management and administration
  • Engineering
  • Natural sciences
  • Social sciences

Canada’s reputation as a friendly, welcoming and culturally diverse country remains a key reason why students from Europe, Asia and the Middle East choose to complete their education here. In an ethnically diverse city like Toronto, there are a number of communities which embrace students from the European, Asian, Middle Eastern and African regions.

Students Making Canada their Home After Graduation

New legislation recently passed to make it easier for ​ international students ​to become permanent residents. About half of the international students in “The Great White North” responded to the CBIE survey saying they planned to make Canada their home for life.

For those students who want to complete their Canadian curriculum in their home country, most Canadian post­secondary institutions offer distance learning options. Many students graduate from Canadian private high schools, and then complete their university education from their home country.

Satisfied Students Provide Our Best Marketing

Well over half of the students surveyed by the CBIE in 2015 say they would recommend Canada to their peers as a study destination. Most respondents said they were ​verysatisfied with their Canadian educational experience.

The strong growth trends of the past eight years speaks to how satisfied international students have been with their educational experience in Canada.

Top Cities for and Cost of Living for International Students

The Greater Toronto Area, including Peel and York Regions have significant populations of immigrants and students from Asia and Europe. It is one of the ​ leading Canadian cities ​for cultural diversity, though as a stand­alone municipality it just trails behind Ottawa and Vancouver.

These cities tend to rank highest in Canada for cost of living, though from a global perspective, ​ costs for international studentsrank very competitively among our peer nations. There are also a number of scholarships available for students from abroad.

Resources for Students Considering Enrolling in Canadian Schools

Canadian government organizations at the federal, provincial and municipal levels are committed to fostering the growth of international students in Canadian schools at all levels. The Canadian federal government has created an  “​Education in Canada​” portal of information for foreign students and their families.

It provides specific guidance on:

  • Applying for Canadian citizenship
  • How to apply for study permits and visas
  • Videos on studying opportunities across Canada
  • Programs like internships and Co­Op programs

If you are a parent outside of Canada, searching for an ideal learning environment for your children or teenagers, we encourage you to explore our website, and discover the opportunities at

We hope you find the resources in this article helpful in your research into private schools in Toronto, and Canadian education from an international perspective.

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